Juniper Financial Services

Juniper Financial Services (JFS)

JFS is now offering up to 3 years of interest free financing and deferred payment plans for qualifying customers*.

Hardware & Juniper Networks are committed to helping customers face unprecedented business challenges. Move forward with your acquisition plans and realise the technical, operational and cost benefits associated with new Juniper Networks’ equipment, software, products and services. All financed with a flexible payment plan.

How do I qualify for JFS?

Finance options apply to all Juniper products and services and will even cover non-Juniper equipment if part of a project scope. *To qualify, the net order amount must be above £36k and subject to credit qualified approval.

How do I apply for JFS?

Complete our online form with your contact details. One of our Juniper certified experts will contact you back to discuss your needs. You can also email with your request or call us on 01285 771 600. or

What are the next steps?

Hardware will pass your finance request to Juniper Financial Services who will complete a credit review and provide a credit decision. Successful applicants will receive financing paperwork direct from Juniper Financial Services.

Juniper Finance Options Available

0% interest for 12, 24 or 36 months

Take advantage of interest free payments for:

  • Option A: 4 quarters (purchase price divided by 4)
  • Option B: 8 quarters (purchase price divided by 8)
  • Option C: 12 quarters (purchase price divided by 12)

Deferred payments

For orders placed on Juniper and non-Juniper equipment, the initial payment is equal to 25% of the total financed amount and the remaining cost is deferred up to 90 days and then followed by 3 equal quarterly payments.

Juniper Financial Services

Get started with Juniper Financial Services. Simply complete our online form and one of our Juniper certified team will contact you back.

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Why Juniper Financial Services?

  • An effective means to provide payment and term flexibility tailored to match either project or revenue-generation milestones

  • Financial alternatives to a cash purchase when acquiring Juniper and non-Juniper equipment, software, products and services.

  • Easy and efficient credit review and approval process and document generation for small and medium size transactions

  • Customised structuring capabilities to best meet the financial needs of major corporations and services providers

  • Customer financing expertise to assist end-users to effectively structure financing solutions for complex transactions

  • A global reach based on a vast network of financing partners

Hardware, your Juniper Networks Elite Partner

Hardware is an authorised Juniper Elite Partner which means all equipment is genuinely sourced via authorised channels. Hardware can apply vendor price support to provide you with competitive pricing for all your project needs.