Junos VPN Site Secure IPSec

Licence - 1 Gbps
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Manufacturer Juniper Networks
Part number JVPN-E-1
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  • Information
    • Provide security for traffic passing through routers
    • Provides simple management for VPNs - customers can configure an IPsec virtual tunnel interface and simplify VPN configuration complexity, which translates into reduced costs and minimizes IT support
    • Provides multicast encryption support
    • Provides a routable interface to connect branch offices with larger offices
    Junos VPN Site Secure utilizes an IPSec VPN tunnel which consists of tunnel setup and applied security. During tunnel setup, the peers establish security associations (SAs), which define the parameters for securing traffic between them. After the tunnel is established, Junos VPN Site Secure protects the traffic sent between the two tunnel endpoints by applying the security parameters defined by the SAs during tunnel setup. Junos Site Secure protects user data via IPSec encryption. Tunnel mode is useful for protecting traffic between different networks, when traffic must pass through an intermediate un-trusted network.

    Junos VPN Site Secure implements IPSec encryption using AES, DES, and 3DES. Enterprises can provide IPSec encryption to enhance end-user security. Providers can offer IPsec encryption of access links from the customer premise's device to the provider edge router, charging a premium for secure access to the network. The packets can then be securely forwarded or mapped into Layer 3 VPNs for transport across the provider network. This application is particularly useful when offering a service to a customer whose access links are provisioned by a third-party provider. Providers can also offer IPSec encryption of unicast or multicast traffic over Layer 3 VPNs for an added layer of security for the most concerned customers. IPSec may also be used to encrypt backhaul traffic by setting up encrypted tunnels across un-trusted third-party wholesale networks.

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