LanSchool - Site Licence (competitive upgrade)

1 school (up to 250 devices) - K-12 Schools - Linux, Win, Mac, Android, iOS
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Manufacturer Lenovo
Part number 4L40G07588
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    • Improve students outcomes by increasing learning time in and out of school
    • Deliver a consistent experience from the client to the cloud
    • Ensure computer availability for students
    • Monitor and assess student progress
    • Increase student time on task by preventing inappropriate use
    • Provide technology utilization reporting
    Teachers are faced with the challenge and opportunity of using technology to make a difference in students' lives. Technology should enable education, not inhibit it. Whether your school district has a 1-to-1 initiative, bring your own device program, or something in-between, LanSchool can deliver the security, services and teaching tools to let your teachers do what they do best - teach.

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