Juniper Networks Spotlight Secure Security Intelligence Cloud Service

Command & Control Feed - Subscription licence (1 year) - 1 gateway - includes entitlement for 1 year to Spotlight Secure Connector
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Manufacturer Juniper Networks
Part number SPOT-CC-1400-1Y
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  • Information
    • Device-level tracking for definitive attacker identification with almost no false positives
    • Tracking of hundreds of identifying attributes, including browser version, browser add-on, IP address, time zone, and fonts
    • 99 percent identification rate
    • Device fingerprinting that overcomes use of proxy servers to identify and track the attacker's device no matter the IP address the attacker is using to evade detection
    • Real-time global sharing of intelligence on attackers
    • Flexible counter-responses at both the application layer and network firewall
    • Continuous tracking of attackers even if they shift proxies
    • Ability to direct counter-responses at a single offending device so that legitimate customers who may be behind a shared IP address remain unaffected
    • Assignment of permanent aliases for attackers

    Juniper Networks Security Intelligence (SecIntel) is a security framework that protects web servers in the DMZ against evolving security threats by employing threat detection software, both local and cloud-based security information, and control software with a next-generation firewall system. SecIntel delivers dynamic threat intelligence to the firewall. It enables automatic and dynamic traffic filtering at both the network and application layers.

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