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PowerEdge T640 Tower Server

PowerEdge T640 Claim £345 Cash Back

Features and Design

The PowerEdge T640 is a versatile, powerhouse server ideal for mid-sized offices, remote sites and data centers. The T640 combines powerful performance and massive internal storage capacity in a rack (R640) or tower platform. Address a wide range of workloads and future-proof your data centre with flexible storage, performance and I/O options.

Great for:

  • Server virtualisation, desktop virtualisation
  • Consolidation
  • Database, business analytics (BI) and intelligence
  • Applications and imaging for medical, finance, education and science
  • Software-defined technologies
Dell Office

PowerEdge Rack Servers

PowerEdge R240 Claim £175 Cash Back

PowerEdge R240

PowerEdge R340 Claim £175 Cash Back

PowerEdge R340

PowerEdge R440 Claim £345 Cash Back

PowerEdge R440

PowerEdge R540 Claim £345 Cash Back

PowerEdge R540

PowerEdge R640 Claim £345 Cash Back

PowerEdge R640

PowerEdge R740 Claim £345 Cash Back

PowerEdge R740

PowerEdge Tower Servers

PowerEdge T140 Claim £175 Cash Back

PowerEdge T140

PowerEdge T340 Claim £175 Cash Back

PowerEdge T340

PowerEdge T440 Claim £345 Cash Back

PowerEdge T440

PowerEdge T640 Claim £345 Cash Back

PowerEdge T640

Reasons to choose Dell Smart Value offers

Smart Value PowerEdge Servers 1

Top-Selling Specs

With scalable offers that can be customised and upgraded, to fit more specific needs.

Competitive Pricing

Approved by default. Best possible price for run rate orders, pre-approved and ready to use.

Smart Value PowerEdge Servers 2
Smart Value PowerEdge Servers 3

Great Promotions

Smart Value promotions available to all customers, attractive, simple and easy to use.