AddOn - Network Transceivers, Cabling and Accessories

About AddOn

AddOn are the worlds largest provider of compatible transceivers and optical solutions. The largest global independent supplier of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) compatible:

  • Optical Network Transceivers
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Memory Solutions for Servers, Switches, Desktops and Laptops
  • Network Connectivity Solutions

AddOn's Mission is to provide compelling value to the Enterprise and Channel. AddOn delivers the industry’s highest quality and reliability, with the United States as the country of origin. They are a fully integrated partner for project-based and strategic requirements.


Network Transceivers

All AddOn network transceivers are fully compliant to MSA standards. AddOn code and test each and every transceiver at their in-house lab to the original OEM specifications as well as testing "in-environment" - a discipline above and beyond what even the original manufacturer would do. AddOn offer the most comprehensive portfolio of compliant transceivers in the industry. From legacy megabit transceivers to the latest in QSFP and CFP large capacity modules. Their proprietary Data Traveler System ensures all AddOn transceivers go through the same rigorous process before they are packed and shipped.


ACT: AddOn Certification Testing

Testing is really what sets AddOn apart. Their in-house staff of lab technicians have fine tuned their process for over a decade. With an industry-leading Data Traveler process, every single product is put through rigorous specifications, tested to OEM standards as well as physically tested in its intended environment. They take your exact configuration and recreate it in their lab to guarantee its functionality and performance. They do this with every product 100% of the time.